PAL Script - Manually Replace Displayed Track and Artist Title

This script was written to manually replace the automatically displayed artist and track title in the player, with anything else you may wish to display instead.  This could be useful to display an advert or station message.

{ PAL Script created on 03/03/2017 21:19:56 }
// ManualTrackInfo.PAL
// This script will prompt for the Artist Name and track title
// which will be subsequently displayed
// This is designed when the audio source is an analog device
// connected through the computer line-in or when automated
// meta data is not available

var Song  : TSongInfo;
var ArtistName    : string = '';
var TrackTitle    : string = '';

PAL.Loop := True;
if ActivePlayer <> nil then
    Song := ActivePlayer.GetSongInfo;
          ArtistName := InputBox('Artist Name','Enter the Artist Name','Your Station Name');
          TrackTitle := InputBox('Track Title','Enter the Track Title', 'Your Station Tag');
          Song['artist'] := ArtistName;
          Song['title'] := TrackTitle;

You should update the 'Your Station Name' and 'Your Station Tag' lines with a default message which will be displayed if you do not wish to display any other message or track data.  By adding this information here, you only need two clicks to display this message when you are prompted to enter the artist and track information.

The player will display the original track metadata briefly but this will then be replaced with the message configured above.

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