Introduction to SAM Cast Sound Processing Features

SAM Cast’s built-in sound processing features give your audio broadcast that professional feel. To access them, launch SAM Cast and click on the “Sound Processing” button at the bottom right corner.


In the “Equalizer” tab, you can tweak your audio levels by adjusting the frequency bands. Click on the “Enabled” button to turn the equalizer on. Try some of the presets from the drop-down menu. They’re designed to provide ideal audio levels for specific types of music, like classical, reggae, rock, and so forth.


In the “AGC” tab, you’ll find a slew of advanced audio processing features. These include:

  • Gated AGC (Average Gain Control)
  • Stereo expander
  • Bass EQ
  • 5-band processor
  • Dual-band processor
  • Clipper

Make sure the “Bypass all” button near the top left is disabled to activate these sound processing features. You can also test it out by turning it off to hear the difference.

The 5-band processor takes a lot more CPU power than the dual-band. We only recommend using the 5-band processor if you have a lot of CPU power. Do not run the dual- and 5-band processors simultaneously, since this will over-process the audio.

To try some of Spacial’s built-in presets, click the “Load preset” button.

Once your AGC is adjusted to your liking, be sure to save your settings as a preset file so you can select them later, if needed.


In the “DSP” tab, you can add DSP plugins to the audio pipeline. This is ideal if the built-in AGC is not to your liking or if you want to do any additional audio processing. SAM Cast supports Winamp DSP plugins. You can download these DSP plugins from the Winamp website and install them in the SAM Cast plugins folder, usually located in c:\program files\Spacial\SAMCast\plugins\

Not all DSP plugins will function in SAM Cast. Some of them are dependent on the Winamp API, which SAM Cast only partially mimics. Certain badly developed DSP plugins can also cause instability issues. Use DSP plugins at your own risk.

Sound Card AGC

Certain sound cards can process audio through a dedicated CPU on the device. Such devices include the Orban Optimod 1100 and E-MU 0404/E-MU 1212 sound cards.

SAM Cast can capture the original audio, send it to the sound card to process, and capture the final processed audio from the sound card again.

To set up your sound card, click the “Use Sound Card AGC” button in the “Sound Card AGC” tab. In the “In” box, select the device that will perform the audio processing. In the “Out” box, select the device that captures processed audio.

If you hear an echo, you either did not select the correct device or your sound card does not support sound processing.

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