How to start multiple instances of SAM Cast

Note: You cannot just copy SAMCast.exe into a folder, you must use the installer; otherwise the application will not work correctly. (Application will exit and/or have audio problems).

You will also need one license for each instance, you cannot run multiple instances with a single license key and all licenses MUST be for the same software version.

On your desktop, right click and select “New --> Shortcut” from the context menu.

In the shortcut wizard select the browse button and browse to the SAMCast.exe file in your SAM Cast installation.

Typically this would be under “C:\Program Files (x86)\SpacialAudio\SAMCast\SAMCast.exe”.

In the textbox showing this path on the wizard now add the text: /INSTANCE=SAM123


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SpacialAudio\SAMCast\SAMCast.exe /INSTANCE=SAM123"

Using SAM123 provides an unique name for this shortcut.

If you create another shortcut and give it another name then it will start a different instance of SAM and this way you would be able to launch multiple instances of SAM. For example adding – /INSTANCE=SAMRadio1 to another shortcut will launch a separate instance of SAM.

Tip: For the name do not use any spaces and stick to “Alphanumerical” characters (i.e. A-Z and 0-9)

The full text in the location textbox will then look something like this:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\SpacialAudio\SAMCast\SAMCast.exe” /INSTANCE=SAMRadio1

Click on “NEXT”, select a name for the shortcut (like SAM123).

Click finish and you are set.

Repeat this process with different names for /INSTANCE=SAMRadio1 parameter for each of the different instances you want to launch.

To shutdown all instances the application could run with the /SHUTDOWNALL flag.

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