How do I set-up the Statistic Relays with SAM Broadcaster LITE

Now that you are broadcasting live: Want to know who is listening to you at any time? Now you can: You will need to set up a statistic relay that will let you know how many listeners are tuned in at any given time.

To set up statistic relays, open SAM Broadcaster LITE and follow these steps:

    Click on “Desktop B” in the toolbar.
    In the “Statistics” window, click the plus sign (“+”) to add a new relay.
    Select “ Relay” from the list.
    Click “OK.”

The “ Relay” window will appear.

    In the “Service” tab, enter your username and password.
    Click “Login” and select a streaming service.
    To select the “Color on graph,” click on the color box, and a color selection window will appear. Select the color you want to use to represent this particular statistic on your relays graph.
    We recommend leaving “Private statistic relay” unchecked, since “Public” relays get listed on AudioRealm.
    Click “OK.”

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