How to Use Smart Categories?

SAM Broadcaster LITE has a set of default categories under “Content” and “Special” in the “Playlist” window. We call them “Smart Categories” because they group tracks based on a common feature.

When you right-click on a track, select “Song Info.” In this window, under the “Info” tab and near the bottom, you’ll notice that the file has a “Type.” Here are the different types SAM Broadcaster LITE can attribute to media files (you can also change the file type manually in this window):

S: Normal song
I: Station ID
P: Promo
J: Jingle
A: Advertisement
N: Syndicated news
V: Interviews
X: Sound FX
C: Unknown content
?: Unknown

So, for example, under Content > Music > Music (All), all the tracks found in this smart category should be marked as Type “S” to indicate that they’re all “Normal songs.”

You’ll find other smart categories under “Special,” also in “Playlist.” These include “Weighted Rotation,” “Overlay,” “Song Rights,” and “Play Limit.”

The categories under “Groups” in “Playlist” are read-only files. You also can’t drag new items into these categories. However, they’re ideal for locating tracks from a specific artist, title, year, genre, or album.

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