How to Set Up Your Streaming with

Note: platform only works with SAM encoders like the one in SAM Broadcaster LITE, SAM Broadcaster PLUS, SAM Broadcaster PRO & SAM Cast.

How to Set Up Your Encoder with SAM Broadcaster LITE?

You can set up your encoder. To do this, open SAM Broadcaster LITE and follow these steps:

    Click on “Desktop B” in the toolbar.
    In the “Encoders” window, click the plus sign (“+”) to add a new encoder.
    Select the encoder.
    Click “OK”

The encoder window will then appear.

    In the “Service” tab, enter your username and password you use to log in to
    Click “Login.”
    A list of active services will appear. Click the “Select” button next to the service you wish to use.
    Click “Next”to proceed to the “Encoder” tab and verify your settings.
    Click “Next” to proceed to “Station Details.”

In “Station Details”:

    Enter your radio station’s name.
    Select your station’s genre from the drop-down menu.
    Provide your website’s URL.
    Note that the “AIM,” “ICQ,” and “IRC channel” fields are optional. If you have already provided your station details under “Configuration” in “Station Details,” the information will already be filled in.
    Click “Next” to proceed to the “Archive” tab.

In the “Archive” tab:

    Check “Save stream to file” if you want to save a copy of your stream to your local hard drive.

Once you’ve configured all your settings, click “OK” to close the Encoder window.

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