Basic set-up in SAM Broadcaster LITE

Running SAM Broadcaster Lite for the first time

A ‘Welcome!’ window will appear with:

    A checkbox for ‘Add SoundFX and demo audio files’
    A checkbox for ‘Add my audio files to the media library (Recommended)’

These features are optional and can be added later on once you have gotten familiarized with the software.

    Click ‘Continue’.
    Choose the directory that your music files are located in and click on ‘OK’.

At this point SAM Broadcaster LITE will add those songs to the media library. After it sorts through your music, SAM Broadcaster LITE will now be ready to start broadcasting live.

Now that you have SAM Broadcaster LITE up and running, let’s quickly set up your system settings so you can start streaming your online radio.
Configuring your Station Information for Online Radio Directories

Now that you have set-up your radio station to run with SAM Broadcaster LITE, you are ready to broadcast to the world. The thrill of entertaining people and impressing them with your music scheduling and other talents can only be explained by experiencing it! You might even become an online super-star and turn your hobby into a full-time business. Promote your radio station through one of the biggest Online Radio Directories for FREE – AudioRealm. By listing your radio station in AudioRealm you gain extra listeners from all over the world.

By signing-up and becoming part of the AudioRealm community, you get to chat to other music lovers, share your favourite stations with your friends or make new friends that share your deep passion for music. As a member you also gain access to many special areas and community features.

For you to be listed on AudioRealm, our station listing site, you need to add a few configurations in SAM Broadcaster LITE.

    At the top of SAM Broadcaster LITE, click on ‘Config’.
        Alternatively, you can click on File / Config in SAM Broadcaster LITE
    Enter Your login information in the AudioRealm area:
        Enter your Username
        Enter your Password
    Click on ‘Station Details’
    Enter your Station Details
        Click on the down arrow for ‘Short Name’
    In a few seconds the name you created on will be added. Once you are connected online, click on your Station’s Name to add the following information:
        Choose three genres that fit your station.
        Email Address (optional)
        AIM (Optional)
        ICQ # (Optional)
        Make sure ‘Show station details on’ is checked
        Click ‘OK’

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    How can I hear my station from another site

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    Hi Aleem, we have replied to your support requests with this information.