How to List Your Station on AudioRealm

Listing your online radio station on has many advantages. It provides additional listener statistics, extra exposure, not to mention a webpage where people can listen to your online radio player.

Follow these steps to list your online radio station on AudioRealm.

Get a Free SpacialNet Account

Go to and sign up for a free account. Once you've done that, log into

Create a Station on SpacialNet

  • In your SpacialNet profile, click on "My stations" from the left column, then click on "Add Station."
  • Type in a short name for your station for now; you'll be able to type in a longer name later.
  • Determine how people will listen to your station on AudioRealm. We recommend the "Use AudioRealm embedded player" method.
  • Click "Accept" to save your station settings.

Upload a Station Logo (Optional)

You can upload a station logo for your station so that people can see it on the player and recognize your station. The logo must be in 120x60 pixel format. Under Station Administration > Personalize, click on "Station Logo" and follow the instructions to upload your logo.

Set Up Your Software

To list your online radio station on AudioRealm, you need to use compatible software. We recommend SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cast, which you can download on

Configure your SAM software as follows:

  • Locate and click on the "Config" button.
  • Go to the "Member details" section and enter your SpacialNet username and password.
  • Go to the "Station details" section, click on the "Short name" dropdown and select the station you created earlier. Then fill out the rest of the fields in this window.
  • Go to the "Statistic relays" section. Set up your statistic relays so that they'll point to your streaming servers. Your station cannot be listed on AudioRealm unless you have at least one active statistic relay.
  • Click "OK" to store your settings.


Go to AudioRealm and type your station's name into the search box. It should come up. That said, it may take a few minutes before your station is listed on AudioRealm. If you're using SAM Broadcaster, keep an eye on the event log. It'll read "Touch OK" if the AudioRealm listing worked. If it didn't, an error message will appear and tell you what to do to next.

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