AudioRealm, an Introduction

Overview can be a powerful service to broadcasters helping to grow audience.

We highly recommended reading through the 5 sections below to better understand what can offer.


The listener experience

Listeners can tune into stations without registration, but to get access to the really cool features registration is required.

Registered listeners can:

  • Store up to 6 preset stations directly accessible from the player.
  • Pick a station to automatically tune into so your favorite station immediately starts playing the moment you visit
  • Mark any station as a favorite station to be shown under the "Favorite" tab.
  • Turn on listener counts so you can see how many listeners are connected to a station.
  • Get access to the AudioRealm discussion forums.

So make sure you sign up as a listener today so you can experience these great features.


Get your station on AudioRealm

The next big step is to make sure your station is listing on

Thousands of listeners use it every day to find stations - so if you are not listed you are missing out on new listeners!

Note that uploading a 120x60 logo is optional, but stations with a logo rank higher than those without!


Station page


Each station on AudioRealm has its own station information page. You can send listeners directly to this page and the audio will automatically start playing. Log into SpacialNet and go to the "My stations" section to generate your own links.


Note that you can also jump to the station page by listening to a station on AudioRealm and then click on the logo on the player.

Why the station page is so great

  • Now playing information updates as new songs starts playing, without reloading the page.
  • Listeners can instantly share your station with their friends helping your station go "viral". (See below)
  • In order for your listeners to enjoy a reliable listening experience, we invested the time and resources so you do not have to!
  • Due to a new ranking logic we are working on, the more listeners that use your station page the better you will rank on and in turn the more listeners you will get.


Promote your station

AudioRealm makes it extremely easy for you and your listeners to promote your station.

Just follow these steps:

  • Find your station on and then click on the listen link to tune into the station.
  • See the "Share" button that appears on the player?
    • Hover your mouse over this button or click on it to get a list of services you can use to promote your station.
    • Go ahead, use this share system right NOW to promote your station to all your friends and fans!

Activity statistics

AudioRealm activity statistics are now available to SpacialNet stations. These statistics show tune-ins to your station through the AudioRealm web site, and also how frequently your station is added by a user as a favorite or preset station.

To access these statistics, log in to SpacialNet and select your "My Stations" page. On the page, click the "AudioRealm Activity" link next to the desired station.


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