How to Install SAM Broadcaster with Firebird SQL Database

Firebird is a relational database management system that’s popular with SAM users because it simplifies the installation process.  Before going on, read this Help Document to decide which database is best for you.

There are 3 installation options with SAM Broadcaster.  Firebird is packaged with 2 of them. Select Firebird’s 64-bit Edition if you’re running Windows in 64-bit mode otherwise choose the 32-bit Edition.

Once you’ve finished downloading SAM Broadcaster with Firebird, run the installer and follow the instructions selecting the default options.

When the installation has completed, run SAM Broadcaster to wrap up the installation process.

During the SAM Broadcaster set-up:

  • Select the Firebird database.
  • Don’t change the program’s default database settings.
  • Select a sound playback and recording device.
  • Enter your registration key, if available.
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