How to Install SAM Broadcaster with MySQL

The MySQL database is recommended for large music libraries and for stations that need simple web integration.  Before going on, read this Help Document to decide which database is best for you.

Before you start, make sure MySQL is installed on your computer.  Don’t forget to select the MSI Installer that applies to your operating system (either 32-bit or 64-bit).

When installing MySQL, don’t change the program’s defaults, except when it asks to specify a root password (make sure to write it down for later use).  You can simply click “next” the rest of the time.

Download SAM Broadcaster from your user zone and install following the installer’s instructions.

After that’s done, run SAM Broadcaster to wrap up the installation process.

During the SAM Broadcaster set-up:

  • Select the MySQL database
  • Change the default database settings and enter your root password from earlier.  We recommend not changing any of the other settings
  • Follow the rest of the SAM Broadcaster installation process
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