Finding a track

Finding a track is one of the simplest functions.

To find a track, follow these steps:

  • Click on any window that contains tracks (e.g. Playlist, Tracks in selected category, Queue, History, etc.)
  • Then either click on the search button (the magnifying glass icon) or simply start typing the artist's name or track title.
  • The search window will pop up right away and display matching results as you type.

You can customize some of the search options to generate more specific results. For example, you can check "Artist" to match your query to the artist field only.

Once you've located a given track, you can perform a number of tasks:

  • Right-click the track and select "Song info" to edit the metadata.
  • Right-click the track and select "Remove" to delete it from your media library.
  • Drag and drop the track into a queue or playlist category.
  • Drag tracks into player decks.

Alternatively, you can find a track by clicking on the "Groups" category in the "Playlist" window. From here, select the group you want to use to narrow down your search, for example, "By Artist (A to Z)." You can then see all the tracks available in that selection.

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