How to Set Up Your Windows Media (WMA)Statistic Relays

Setting up a statistic relay for Windows Media (WMA) will let you know how many listeners you have on the WMA server at any given time.

Before you start, you must retrieve server details from your SpacialNet account.

  • Log into SpacialNet.
  • Under “Hosting” in the left menu, click on “Stream hosting.”
  • Click on “View” next to your account.
  • Either leave this page open or copy it so you can use it when setting up your WMA statistic relay.

To set up statistic relays for WMA, open SAM Broadcaster and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Desktop B” in the toolbar.
  • In the “Statistic Relays” window, click the plus sign (“+”) to add a new relay.
  • Select “MediaPoint Manager statistic relay” from the list.
  • Click “OK.”

The WMA “MediaPoint Manager” server details window will appear. In it, enter the following details:

  • In the “Host” field, type your DNS name or IP address, in this case, “”
  • In the “MPM Port” field, type 8008.
  • In the “Username” field, type your SpacialNet username.
  • In the “Password” field, type your SpacialNet or WMA password.
  • In the “Alias” field, click on the dropdown menu to select from the list of aliases. Select the alias you want to grab your statistic from.
  • To select the “Color on graph,” click on the color box, and a color selection window will appear. In it, select the color you want to use to represent this particular statistic on your relays graph.
  • We recommend leaving “Private statistic relay” unchecked, since “Public” relays get listed on
  • Click “OK.”

Your WMA statistic relay is now configured and functional.

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