How to Set Up Your Windows Media (WMA) Encoder

The WMA encoder is popular because any computer operating system from Windows XP or higher will come equipped with a Windows Media Player. WMA also works nicely with Microsoft Silverlight.

If you are streaming with SpacialNet, go to these instructions instead. If you are not streaming with SpacialNet, read on.

Before you start, you must retrieve server details from your stream hosting account. So log into your account and find your account details. Leave this page open so you can copy the details when setting up your WMA encoder. 

Now, open SAM Broadcaster and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Desktop B” in the toolbar.
  • In the “Encoders” window, click the plus sign (“+”) to add a new encoder.
  • Select “WMA (v9 advanced [ROBUST]).”
  • Click “OK.”

The WMA (v9 advanced [ROBUST]) encoder window will then appear.

In the “Profile” tab:

  • Select the streaming profile that applies to you.
    • To avoid a failed connection, select a profile that will stream at a bitrate that’s less than or equal to what you signed up for. For example, if you signed up for a 64 kbps stream, your profile must stream at 64 kbps or lower.
    • Make sure your bandwidth can support your streaming bitrate. The combined bitrate of all your streams should never exceed 80% of the value of the upload speed reported by

In the “Stream Options” tab:

  • Check “Auto start encoder after” if you want the encoder to start automatically each time you launch SAM Broadcaster. If you check this option, make sure to specify how many seconds you want to elapse before the encoder starts.
  • Select “Use PULL distribution” if you’re experienced with setting up routers, and “Use PUSH distribution” if you’re not.
  • Under “Media server host/IP,” fill in your server details. Your server IP might be something like
  • Under “Publishing Point,” use the same “Alias” you provided on your stream hosting account.
  • Leave the space under “Template publishing point” blank.
  • Type in your username and password under “Authentication.”
  • Check “Auto reconnect encoder after” under “Error recovery” so SAM Broadcaster can recover from network errors.

In the “Scripting” tab:

  • Note that the default settings will ensure compatibility with AudioRealm players.
  • You can also fill in the details to customize how your metadata shows up in your stream.

In the “Stream Archive” tab:

  • Check “Save stream to file” if you want to save a copy of your stream to your local hard drive.

Once you’ve configured all your settings, click “OK” to close the WMA (v9 advanced [ROBUST]) encoder window.

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