How to Start Multiple Instances of SAM Broadcaster

Note: You cannot just copy SAMBC.exe into a folder, you must use the installer; otherwise the application will not work correctly. (Application will exit and/or have audio problems)

You will also need one license for each instance, you cannot run multiple instances with a single license key and all licenses MUST be for the same software version.

On your desktop, right click and select “New --> Shortcut” from the context menu.

In the shortcut wizard select the browse button and browse to the SAMBC.exe file in your SAM Broadcaster installation.

Typically this would be under “C:\Program Files (x86)\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\SAMBC.exe”.

In the textbox showing this path on the wizard now add the text: /INSTANCE=SAM123 or a reference which helps identify the instance, for example /INSTANCE=Station01, /INSTANCE=Station02.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\SAMBC.exe" /INSTANCE=SAM123

Using SAM123 provides an unique name for this shortcut.

If you create another shortcut and give it another name then it will start a different instance of SAM and this way you would be able to launch multiple instances of SAM. For example adding – /INSTANCE=SAMRadio1 to another shortcut will launch a separate instance of SAM.

Tip: For the name do not use any spaces or special characters and ONLY use “Alphanumerical” characters (i.e. A-Z and 0-9)

The full text in the location textbox will then look something like this:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\SAMBC.exe” /INSTANCE=SAMRadio1

Click on “NEXT”, select a name for the shortcut (like SAM123).

Click finish and you are set.

Repeat this process with different names for /INSTANCE=SAMRadio1 parameter for each of the different instances you want to launch.

Once you have created the shortcut, the first time you double-click the shortcut, this will take you through the second part of the installation process.  During the database selection, we would recommend using the same database solution but you will need a separate database for each instance.

Creating the Shortcut

Second Stage Installation

Click Next...

Whilst you could select a different database solution for each different instance, it is simpler to stick with the current database option which for this installation was MariaDB.  Click Next...

Select Specify custom settings and click Next...

Ensure the information matches your actual installation, enter the password and importantly, rename the Database.  Whilst you can give this any alpha-numeric name, we would recommend using something which helps match the database to the instance...

As this shortcut has been named SAM1, the database for this instance has been given a corresponding name, SAMDBSAM1.  After entering the password, click Next...

The rest of the installation process is straightforward and would be familiar to anyone who has previously used SAM Broadcaster.

Points to Note

Only use alpha-numeric characters when naming both instances and database tables

Each instance requires its own license

Each instance must be of the same version; if you have different versions you could either consider upgrading older versions of just using the oldest version for which all licenses would work.  For example, if you had licenses for 2020.3, 2021.2 and 2023.1 then the oldest common version you could use would be 2020.3

To shutdown all instances the application could run with the /SHUTDOWNALL flag.

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  • Avatar
    Louis R

    Hi Spacial, Hi Gordon,

    I have the same problem with 2015.4, this does not work anymore and now I am stuck without any possibility to authorize any copy of SAM Broadcaster.

    I believe they now prevent us from running multiple instances on the same machine... !

  • Avatar

    Hi, as one license can only stream one station and the technology only allows one streaming source, you would need to have a valid license for each instance.

  • Avatar
    Does that also mean I can only have sam broadcaster pro downloaded on one computer only?
  • Avatar

    Hi, I currently own license for sam broadcaster pro, want to start streaming two radio stations from one pc is that possible?

  • Avatar

    Hi Gordon,

    How do i reach you. 



    Raj Loganathan

  • Avatar

    Hi Rajkumari, you would need one SAM Broadcaster license for each station.

  • Avatar
    Leonard Kaye

    Hi everyone

    Hope you can help me. I am about to purchase a SAM....I have 2 djs on air, can i install on their computers for them to use also. You said one station, one is only one station just 3 users. Is this possible?



  • Avatar
    Leonard Kaye

    Hi Gordon, you say as many DJs as they can i install the program on their computers. Of course only one (my stream with Makeavoice)  Not other stations. My old SAM 3 is on their computers, has been for 6 years...can i just get them to install the new one.


  • Avatar

    Hi Leonard, you might like to consider SAM Broadcaster Cloud ( which is a complete broadcast solution, starting from only $15 per month and each package includes at least 5 additional licenses for SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ which can only stream to your Cloud station.

    Sharing your license with other DJs can cause problems, especially if they leave your station as you have no guarantee that they will stop using your license key and unfortunately, we cannot replace compromised license keys.