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Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide support or scripting services for PAL scripts but we hope the information, lessons and script examples available from this forum will enable you to start exploring the world of PAL Scripting.

If you have a PAL Script which is not running as expected then you might like to consider some basic troubleshooting.  Although your code might look good to you, make use of WriteLn(); to output variables at different stages.  This will help ensure that the right content is being used.

If you have a loop in a script and SAM Broadcaster is crashing occasionally, if the script runs most of the time then it is unlikely to be a problem with the script and is more likely to be a problem with the data being parsed.  You could add some troubleshooting code which writes the data being used to a text file:


var Str1 : string;                  // Declare a string variable to hold the data being written
var Song : TDataSet;                // Declare a container for the song

Song := queue.songlist;             // Assign the next track in the queue to the DataSet Song

// Concatenate the track artist and title into the string variable Str1
Str1 := Song['ARTIST']+' '+Song['TITLE'];

// Write the information to a temporary file
StrToFile('C:\Users\Mathew\Desktop\test.txt', Str1);


You would simply need to amend the script to write the information you wish to capture to give an indication of the data being parsed either when SAM Broadcaster crashed or the last set of data which was successfully parsed.

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