Streaming to Second Life

To stream to Second Life with SAM Broadcaster, simply follow the instructions to install SAM Broadcaster available here and purchase a streaming service, further information about this is available here but you should purchase an MP3 service to be compatible with the majority of listeners.

Once you have installed SAM Broadcaster and have your streaming service then you need to configure the encoder for your streaming service within SAM Broadcaster.  Depending on the type of streaming service chosen, instructions to add your encoder may be found here.

Once you have completed these tasks you need to configure the streaming in Second Life.

You should either own or be a Group Officer for a parcel of land then:

    • Right-Click the parcel of land
    • Click About Land
    • In this window select the Media Tab
    • Ensure the Media Type is set to Audio
    • Enter the URL of your streaming service in the Music URL box highlighted below, e.g.



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