Error 10060 - Not connecting to Stream Host

There are a number of common causes of the 10060 error message:

  1. Is the DNAS running?
    • Put the server address into a web browser, do you see the DNAS page?
  2. Verify the password is correct
    • Verify this with your streaming service provider
  3. Is someone else already connected and streaming to the DNAS
    • Put the server address into a web browser, is someone else already streaming?
  4. Remove any http:// prefix from your encoder configuration information
  5. Ensure SAM Broadcaster can access the Internet
    • Visit and take a 24-hour trial service.  If you can connect to this service then the issue would almost certainly rest with your streaming service
  6. Have you created a new encoder or just updated an existing encoder?
    • Create a new encoder with the information provided by your streaming service provider
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