WUI DJ Management



1 Links to the Knowledgebase article which explains DJ Management
2 List of the permissions which can be assigned at the Service Level
3 Service Level DJ Permissions*
4 Greyed out checkbox depicts the permission is included with another permission
5 Check boxes with which Service Level permissions are applied
6 Station Level DJ Permissions
7 Check boxes with which Station Level permissions are applied
8 Remove the DJ which also revokes their permissions
9 Click to apply the configured permissions to all stations under this service
10 Click to apply the configured permissions
11 Click to reset the configured permissions
12 Click to log in to the User Zone where additional DJ Licenses can be purchased
13 Displays the number of remaining DJ licenses available
14 Displays the Add User window which will assign an available license to a DJ
15 DJ Permissions Tab
16 Settings Tab

*  Service Level Permissions are applied to all stations under the same service.

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