Why can I only import the same track once?

SAM Broadcaster Cloud will only import a track with the same path once. If you upload an item at “c:\music\a.mp3” onto SAM Broadcaster Cloud it will be uploaded into the cloud. If you however attempt to upload the same file located at “c:\music\a.mp3” onto SAM Broadcaster Cloud again, then the file will not be imported or uploaded again.

Note: If the item is uploaded into a Playlist then a new entry will be created in the Playlist, but the item will not be uploaded again.

This holds true even if you physically put a different file in the “c:\music\a.mp3” location. SAM Broadcaster Cloud will not detect a change because the file changed. If you need to upload a new version of the file currently then you can delete the item from the SAM Broadcaster Cloud library and then re-import the file again or select the Overwrite import mode.

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