Why is there a delay when I turn my station on?

Once you set the “on air status” to the “on” state and click on the player, you might notice a delay before the audio starts playing.  This is mostly due to the fact that the streaming server first needs to fully buffer the stream.

The good news is that this buffer then allows new listeners to hear the audio much quicker as the streaming server can “burst” data to the listener filling the player buffer faster and allowing actual audio to start sooner.

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    Javad Parviz

    hi dear Mathew

    I'm new customer from Canada  and I bought Sam broadcaster pro

    i have a question my question is  when i starting my station ON, i have more than 1 minutes delay please tel me exactly how can i fix  my Sam broadcaster and improve it .





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    Hi Javad, this is by design and is due to a buffer which can absorb brief interruptions at both the DJ and listener end.