How can I report my music royalties?

Reports can be retrieved within your Cloud at  Simply log in to your station, right-click within the History window and select Export which will give you access to the options available:




From here you can select to export all track categories, or a specific track category selecting from Commercial, Interview, Jingle, Music, News, Promo, Sound Effect or Station ID.

You can also select the report type for either a detailed report or an aggregate report and you can also select the reporting period of any month since your station started.

Finally, you can adjust the report time zone to suit your needs.

The selected report will be available to download as a csv file.

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    Jack K.

    The Article is outdated. Where can i see these reports?

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    Apologies Jack, it has been updated.

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    Debbie Daughtry

    How do we view history in Sam cloud? My history is empty.