Streaming to Second Life with SAM Broadcaster Cloud

Streaming to Second Life with SAM Broadcaster Cloud

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is an excellent way of streaming to Second Life as each SAM Broadcaster Cloud service includes a 24/7 auto-dj to keep the party going, even when you are sleeping.

With SAM Broadcaster Cloud, a Club Owner does not have to give any access to the Land settings within Second Life, the Club Owner simply adds the Direct link and any DJs associated with this SAM Broadcaster Cloud service will automatically be able to stream to any parcel of land configured with the station Listen link.  No longer does a Club Owner have to worry about licensed DJs.  There are a number of SAM Broadcaster Cloud options for Second Life including services which includes at least 5 additional DJ licenses and more can be added when necessary.  These licenses can be assigned to DJs and if a Club Owner wants to remove a DJ from their station, they just need to remove their streaming permissions from within the Station Web User Interface which is available here.

Each station DJ receives their own user zone which includes their SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ license and software available to download.

There are two parts to streaming to Second Life with SAM Broadcaster Cloud:

  1. You need to ensure your SAM Broadcaster Cloud stream is configured to stream in MP3 format
  2. You need to add your stream information to Second Life

 Configuring your SAM Broadcaster Cloud Stream

Log in to your Cloud at, click on the Widgets Tab and select Listen Link.

You should ensure your station streaming format is MP3 and if you do not see this as an option under the Preferred Stream, you should select the Settings tab and then Streaming. Click the edit icon to the right of your stream and select one of the available MP3 options.  Once selected, your station will restart in the new format but remember, the higher the bitrate, the more bandwidth your listeners will require to hear your stream but the lower the bitrate, the lower the quality so experimenting until you find a happy medium is recommended.  You should definitely lower your bitrate if people complain about the audio breaking up.  We would also recommend selecting the SHOUTcast compatible option available.

Adding Your Stream to Second Life

Log in to Second Life and for a parcel of land you own or have permission to stream to, simply click World:


Then select About Land:


Finally enter the Generated link which can be found under the Widgets Tab, Listen Link from within your SAM Broadcaster Cloud:

(Widgets --> Listen Link --> Generated Link)


Into the Music URL box which is found under the Sound tab:


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