How to Configure Your General Settings

Once you’ve launched the SAM Cast program, click on “Settings” from the top menu. A window will then pop up. All of the following settings fall under “General options.”

If you check “Automatically start on load,” SAM Cast will start capturing sound and streaming it automatically as soon as you launch the program. If you leave this option unchecked, SAM Cast will only capture sound and stream it when you click on the big blue “Start” button.

In the drop-down menu below “Capture sound from device,” select the sound device you want to capture audio from. This could be a sound card that’s already installed on your PC, a USB microphone, or an external USB device, like a mixer.

If you check “Send final audio output to sound card,” the final audio mix will be played back on the device you select from the drop-down menu. It also means you’ll be able to preview your stream’s audio levels without tuning into the stream itself.

  • We recommend tuning into your stream as well, since the encoder will compress the audio.
  • If you hear an echo, you need to either send the audio to another device or simply uncheck this option to disable it altogether.

If you check “Save log to file,” it’ll save important log information to a specific file location.

  • We recommend checking this option for debugging purposes.
  • The field below this option lets you locate and name the file.
  • Just below this, you can set a maximum log size. Once the audio mix reaches its maximum capacity, it will be deleted and a new log file will be created.
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