How Can I Add an External Mixer?

There are two manners in which an external mixer can be installed.

1. You can use the mixer to handle just the mics and external audio and just use the SAM audio mixer pipeline to stream the final audio feed.

2. You can use the option in our encoders which allows SAM to capture audio from the sound card device.  The device in this case would be the audio mixer.

Please note that SAM only has one audio bus and as such, it is not possible to control the decks on a pot by pot basis.

This setup will provide one pot to control all audio coming from the SAM audio feed.

If you use SAM with the Mixer being the entry point of your broadcast, the board can't be used for other projects.

Firstly, you will need to make sure that your Windows operating system recognizes the USB device correctly.

If Windows doesn't see your device properly, then unfortunately the mixer board cannot be used.

Click on Sound in the Windows Control Panel and proceed to recording devices.

Make sure that your USB board is set as your primary device.  All other audio hardware should be disabled.

While looking at the record devices, it is important to make sure SAM is receiving proper audio input.  The meter to the right of your default device should show audio levels when you pass audio through the board.

When you are sure Windows is processing the audio correctly, you may continue to work with the SAM encoder or VoiceFX as needed.

In our experience, customers who use your level of professional hardware will usually choose to use the red button on Desktop B to set the encoder to capture audio from the sound card device.

I must stress, if Windows doesn't see audio from the Mixer, the software will not receive the audio.

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