How to Set Up Our Free Trial

To sign up for our free trial, go to the SpacialNet homepage and enter your name and email address in the Free Streaming Trial box. Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with the details you need to set up your encoders, so keep that message handy. If you don't have your own encoder software, download SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cast for free for 14 days.

The free streaming trial is available for 24 hours on limited servers. If all the free streaming slots are occupied, try again a little later.


How to Set Up Your Encoders

The simplest method is to use the "SpacialNet" encoder for SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cast.

  • In the "Encoders" window, click the plus sign ("+") to add a new encoder.
  • Select the SpacialNet encoder.
  • Click "OK."
  • Now fill in the SpacialNet username and password in the trial email you received.
  • Click "OK."

The selected encoder window will then appear. In the "Converter" tab:

  • Set your "Bitrate" under "Setting." For a good cost/quality ratio, we recommend 64 kbps for testing purposes.
  • Set your "Mode" under "Setting." For bitrates higher than 48 kbps, select "Stereo." For bitrates lower than 48 kbps, select "Mono."
  • There are several "Sampling rate" options to choose from. Selecting "Auto" means the encoder will automatically select the best sampling rate for your chosen bitrate.
  • Under "General options," check "Auto start encoder after" if you want the encoder to start automatically each time you launch SAM Broadcaster OR SAM Cast.
  • Under "General options," leave "Auto reconnect encoder after" checked so SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cast can recover from network errors.

All you need to do now is to press the "Play" button on the encoders window to start encoding. To listen to your station follow the "Listen" link provided in your free trial email.

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