Setting Up Your Streaming Service

Depending on the size of your station, we recommend starting with a small streaming package and increasing your speed and scale as your listenership grows. SpacialNet stream hosting can support between 20 and 2,500 concurrent listeners per server. If you think you will require more capacity, please contact Spacial Support to set up a tailored streaming solution.

Follow these steps to set up your stream hosting account:

  1. On the SpacialNet homepage, locate the Quick Quote widget.
  2. Select the server type you want, either SHOUTcast or Windows Media.
  3. Select the maximum bitrate to determine the quality of your stream.
    • Make sure your bandwidth can support your streaming bitrate. The combined bitrate of all your streams should never exceed 80% of the value of the upload speed reported by
  4. Select “Maximum Concurrent Listeners” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click “Calculate.”
  6. After reading them carefully, check the “Terms & Conditions” box.
  7. Click “Continue” when you’ve reached a suitable total monthly cost.

If you are an existing SpacialNet member, log into the User Zone. If you are not an existing SpacialNet member, please create a Profile in the User Zone. Make sure all the required fields of the form are filled out.

Once you’re logged into the User Zone, you’ll be asked to select your preferred payment method to purchase SpacialNet’s streaming service. The available payment methods include PayPal and credit card. You will then be asked to subscribe to a monthly payment plan for your streaming service.

From the User Zone, you will also be asked to set up your radio station information. You can change your station’s information anytime. From this page, follow these steps:

  • Click on “+ Add Station.”
  • Enter your station’s name, using a maximum of 10 characters.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Select “Use AudioRealm pop-up player.”
  • Read the Terms & Conditions carefully and click “Accept.”
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