Where are my Encoders?

Not all of our software products include encoders or statistics relays.


SAM DJ is designed to play music locally, perhaps at a party or for background music in a restaurant.  If you have purchased SAM DJ but wish to stream an Internet radio station, please raise a support request and we will be able to provide you with an upgrade purchase link for the difference in price as long as your current subscription is valid.

SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ

SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ can only stream to the SAM Broadcaster Cloud station to which it is associated and as such, it is not possible to add encoders.

SAM Cloud Silver and Gold services include External Relays which can be configured exactly like encoders and can be used to relay your Cloud stream to any SHOUTcast (v1 & v2) or Icecast v2 streaming service.

If you have SAM Cloud Bronze then a bundle of 2 External Relays can be added to your service for only $5 per month from within your Cloud.

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