SAM Broadcaster Voice FX Destinations

Have you ever wondered what the four Voice FX Destination options actually do?  Then wonder no longer, this is the definitive guide to each option:

None (Auto fade only) - Fade music in and out when "Press to talk" activated, but nothing is actually recorded by SAM Broadcaster. This assumes you are mixing the voice into the stream with some external hardware. You most likely have the red button selected on encoders to stream from soundcard recording/line-in.

Mixer (Record to pipeline) - Voice is sent to the internal SAM Broadcaster mixer. Downside is the delay introduced. If you happen to also listen to the station as you talk the delay might be annoying that you hear.

Soundcard (Skip audio pipeline) - Your voice is played over the sound device, but not directly encoded into the stream. This way you hear yourself talk, but we assume you are using an external mixer to mix audio and stream this via red button on encoders.

Encoders (Record to pipeline, skip output) - Voice is sent to the encoders directly, skipping the mixer. You will hear yourself speak when listening to the stream, but you won't hear yourself over your own soundcard. This gets rid of annoying delay/echo.
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